Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interactive Technologies in Art

Interactive technologies has been put to good use in the elementary art class. Mrs. Hardin who works with many special needs children has made technology an integral part of learning in the art classroom. In an effort to reach out to student, Mrs. Hardin has used her interactive white board and iPad devices regularly. Every class period starts with a fun interactive game on the interactive whiteboard. Students take turn mixing colors, finding different shapes, or playing memory games. This helps to engage students and is also used as a reward for the end of class to motivate them to work for a certain period of time. Students in class that have severe autism use the iPads to create drawings with a simple touch. This eliminates children not wanting to touch the art materials or putting art materials in their mouths. It still gives them a creative outlet while they are still learning how to use art materials appropriately.

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