Friday, March 11, 2011

In building up to our Valentine's Day Party, the children were told that they would be preparing the cookies we would eat at the party. The children first learned how to bake cookies using the application on the iPad called, "Cookie Doodle". Individually each child used this application; first combining the ingredients to make the dough, then mixing the dough, then rolling the dough, next cutting out and baking the cookies, then decorating the cookies, and finally eating the cookies (using their finger to simulate taking bites of the cookie). The following day, the children were again shown the application "Cookie Doodle", but this time they had all the real ingredients in front of them. Each child was able to add an ingredient using the iPad and then place that real ingredient into a real Mixer. One child who is unable to communicate using words, used the application "Proloquo2go" to communicate wanting a turn, and if he liked something or didn't like something. We were able to follow all the directions and bake real cookies. It was so much fun!!!

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