Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Mr. Turner and the Super Kinders:
One of the greatest benefits of using the iPad devices, Mac books, and Smartboard is that it has given our students a greater ownership of their learning experience. Students are able to track their own progress, challenge themselves, and become extremely engaged within the skill without feeling the need to compete with their peers. It has also given the teacher the opportunity to touch on a multitude of skills in a 60 minute language arts block. Students are constantly engaged and driven to do their own personal best. For example, there are students with a goal to learn 100 sight words. They know which applications will assist with their goal and can independently access it through the appropriate tool. The use of technology allows us to touch a variety of multiple intelligences within the classroom. Students who are visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners gravitate towards these tools immensely. The use of these tools has truly transformed our learning environment into a 21st Century Kindergarten classroom.

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