Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creating Interactive eBooks in Second Grade

Creating interactive, multimedia eBooks on the iPad is easy and fun.  The creation of these books supports the writing and publishing process and can be done right in the classroom using a set of iPad apps for the workflow.
writing workflow (created in Inspiration Maps for iPad)

 Example from Ms. Blake's 2nd Grade Class:

The publishing flow and the apps that support the publishing process:

  • Brainstorm you idea with Popple or Inspiration Maps for the iPad
  • Create your illustrations with DrawingPad and save to the Photo Album for use in the book
  • Create your book in Book Creator  for iPad or Book Writer for iPad, adding text fields, illustrations and movies
  • Share your story to the iBooks on your iPad to be read like a book
  • Share to Dropbox to share with the larger community and parents
  • Create a QR code to share your online books

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